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Svetlana Young Driven by Passion to Help Based on Personal Experience PROTECTING WHAT MATTERS MOST Enjoy life with more Peace of Mind More Lenders More Options

Welcome to SAFE-N-SURE.

Having experienced a major family loss I am very well acquainted with the huge impact this has on everyone involved. I am now driven by a passion to ask everyone I meet “can you afford to leave your loved ones without insurance.

I understand that people need to communicate with a Trusted Adviser. They need to be able to openly share their goals and visions in order to achieve the best possible security available to them as an individual.

It is very important that you are able to make an informed decision to secure your future. My aim is to help achieve this through teaching you about how insurance works and how it can provide peace of mind.

I believe in relationships and as such I will provide clarity, support and guidance not only at the start of the process, but continuing for many years to come. I know how important to have personal protection policy in place to make sure you will be well prepared at critical time to avoid financial burden.

SAFE-N-SURE NZ LTD is not only providing service for personal Risk Management, but also specializing in Kiwi Saver and Mortgage products.


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